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Sundry Sermons

To listen to earlier sermons listed here please contact the church:

To listen to the following sermons please contact the church

The Future – Rev David Taylor, 27th September 2015

Faith of the Canaanite woman – Rev Miles Falla, 13th September 2015

Transfiguration – Rev David Taylor, 30th August 2015

Church growth – Rev Clifford Owen, 23rd August 2015

Why are we afraid? – Andrew Dalwood, 9th August 2015

Come into the light – Liz Herrington, 12th July 2015

Road to Calvary – Rev Miles Falla, 29th March 2015

New for old – Rev Kevin Burdett, Easter Sunday, 5th April 2015

About turn – Liz Herrington, 12th April 2015

Daniel’s prayer – Malcolm Franklin, 24th May 2015

Dealing with temptation – Rev David Taylor, 22nd February 2015

Prayer – Mr Andrew Dalwood, 8th March 2015


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