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My struggle; Michael Musukutwa; 30th April 2017

Zambese Mission; Michael Durham & David Brown; 23rd April 2017

Easter Sunday – Resurrection Power; Rev Kevin Burdett; 16th April 2017

Andrew Dalwood; 26th February 2017

Andrew Dalwood; 29th January 2017

Evangelism in diversity; Rev David Busk; 15th January 2017

Awesome God: Ezekiel 1:25-3:15; Rev Kevin Burdett; 1st January 2017

The present; Rev Adrian Woodbridge; 25th December 2017

Christmas comes but once a year; Rev Kevin Burdett; 18th December 2016

Being refined; Rev John Martin; 11th December 2016

Richness towards God; Luke 12:13-34; Rev Kevin Burdett; 4th December 2016

Advent, Jesus will return; Rev David Taylor; 27th November 2016

Stay close to the source; Rev Kevin Burdett; 20th November 2016

The Spiritual Battle; Andrew Dalwood; 13th November 2016

For such a time as this; Esther 4:13,14; Rev Kevin Burdett; 6th November 2016

Faith in the city; Liz Herrington; 30th October 2016

Prayer: Michael Musukutwa; 23rd October 2016

Bible Sunday; Luke 4:16-29; Rev Kevin Burdett; 16th October 2016

Meeting with God; Luke 9:28-36; Andrew Dalwood; 9th October 2016

Harvest service; Rev Kevin Burdett & BMS World Mission; 2nd October 2016

Laws; Rev Miles Falla; 25th September 2016

The gift; Rev John Martin; 18th September 2016

Are you in the Lord? Rev David Taylor; 11th September 2016

Our coach; Michael Musukutwa; 28th August 2016

Blessings; Rev John Martin; 14th August 2016

Healing touch; Michael Durham; 31st July 2016

Change of emphasis; Liz Herrington; 24th July 2016

Forgiveness & healing; Andrew Dalwood; 10th July 2016

Forgiveness; Phil Boddy; 26th June 2016

Fatherhood; Michael Durham; 19th June 2016

The ultimate price; Liz Herrington; 12th June 2016

Being Real; Megan Barker; 5th June 2016

Be personal with the Lord; Michael Durham; 29th May 2016

The human condition; Rev John Martin; 22nd May 2016

The faith of Abraham; Andrew Dalwood; 8th May 2016

Its Friday but Sunday is coming; John 20:1-9; Rev Kevin Burdett, 27th March 2016

The persecuted church; Hebrews 11: 32-40; Mervyn Thomas. 20th March 2016

Because you’re worth it; Rev Kevin Burdett. 20 Dec 2015

The incongruity of Christmas; Rev Kevin Burdett. 20 Dec 2015

Rev Jenni Entrican; Daring Greatly. 13 Dec 2015

Rev Kevin Burdett,  – Luke 7:36-50; Politeness or Passion? 6 Dec 2015

We will remember them , Rev Kevin Burdett, 8th November 2015

Harvest service, Building Plans – Rev Kevin Burdett, 4th October 2015

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The Great Commandment; Rev Miles Falla; 24th April 2016

Consequences; Joshua 7:1-26; Consequences; Liz Herrington; 10th April 2016

Trust, believe & go forward together; Numbers 32:1-33; Andrew Dalwood. 13th March 2016

Called to serve; Mark 10:35-45; Rev David Taylor. 28th February 2016

Never too old; Psalm 71:1-24; Colin Cresswell. 14th Feb 2016

Candlemas; Rev Miles Falla. 31st Jan 2016

Prayer; Rev David Taylor. 24th Jan 2016

The wedding at Cana; Graeme Gaskell. 17th Jan 2016

Christmas, is it over yet? Michael Durham. 27 Dec 2015

A certain future – Liz Herrington, 29th November 2015

Talents – William Wyers, 22nd November 2015

The Bible – Rev Miles Falla, 24th October 2015

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