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From the minister’s study

Recently at church I was given a leaflet called Wartime Miracles and a National Scandal. I found it fascinating reading & you may have seen a copy too.

It outlines some thoughts of six leading figures from World War 2 in which they recognise God’s protection of the nation in response to prayer & faithfulness. Now, these men were not all from the church but included senior military leaders & politicians.

Let me begin with a story, again you may know it. There were two spiders, one the mother and the other her son. The story goes that mother spider made a lovely home in her web and she suspended this web from a single strand hanging from a tree branch far above. One day, her son paid a visit. As he looked at her home he noticed this single strand seemingly ascending into empty space. Thinking it useless he cut it and to his horror the whole web fell and was destroyed.

The thread of faith
The spiritual lesson behind this story is very simple. Many people today look back upon the wartime generation and regard their faithful belief in God as something really peculiar. Maybe you think that too. In former times, not that long ago, many people went to church every week and read their Bibles daily. ‘How boring was that’ many would say today & totally irrelevant to today’s society. So many have no interest in religion believing it to be a waste of time.

This kind of attitude has led many to cut the thread of faith in God which supported previous generations and now to their horror the whole structure of our society seems to be collapsing in countless social and moral problems. That thread, that faith in God; that Hope in Him, that Eternal Light which
could never be extinguished, is exactly what kept people going through difficult, even terrible times. So many today have largely dismissed this faith as being unimportant and we see the ruinous results all around.

Previous generations believed that God was real and they witnessed profound examples of him being at work In this world of chaos which men have made.

The single strand …broken
It plain to see that between the wartime and today’s generation the thread of faith has broken. Where faith is concerned it really is like a different Country between then and now. I wonder what those wartime leaders I mentioned, or indeed ordinary people of the time if they were to come back to speak to us today, what do you think they would say? What would I say if given the chance to do it nationally?

Simple really. That thread of faith needs to be re-established & our trust & relationship in God restored. We must take Him seriously and what he has to tell us in the Bible seriously. Perhaps we should remind those holding positions of influence of how the very freedoms and democracy which this generation claims to appreciate were won through prayer & trust in Almighty God.

Faith is so important, that If it hadn’t been for the faithfulness of earlier generations praying to God, today’s generation in this nation may never have been born. This truth needs to be made known right across this Nation. We should give thanks to God for those who have gone before who were faithful in prayer & took the Bible seriously.

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